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The Strategic Marketing Process – 2nd Edition – Now Available

Today, we officially released the 2nd edition of our popular ebook – The Strategic Marketing Process – How to Structure Your Marketing Activities to Achieve Better Results.

The 96-page guide defines a marketing process for marketers at small to midsize companies to use to add structure to their daily, monthly and annual marketing and sales activities to improve their results.

The Strategic Marketing Process 2nd edition

The book is now available in multiple formats:

  • Download the free PDF here … (Note: the 4.65 MB PDF opens in a new window)
  • Purchase a print copy from CreateSpace
  • Access in the Amazon Kindle, Nook and iTunes marketplaces

 Updated Marketing Content in the 2nd Edition of the Book

The 2nd edition contains a revised marketing process map, which groups marketing activities from 30 different subjects into three buckets, to clarify how the activities fit together in the revenue-generation process:

  • Strategy: High-level conceptualization of go-to-market strategy
  • Tools: The collateral, assets, software and processes to use during tactical execution
  • Customer Acquisition: The marketing mediums and tactics used to achieve strategic and revenue goals

Strategic Marketing Process Map

The guide addresses the key concepts and steps for activities in each subject. The 2nd edition includes additional content to address how social media fits into the marketing mix, and explains how each of the subjects are influenced by high-level strategy.

Target Audience

The book is written for marketers and consultants at small to midsize companies — resource-deprived marketers who have to do more with less in the complex marketing landscape of 2013.

Additional Marketing Resources

Readers who seek more detailed guidance for executing the marketing topics covered in the book can create a Marketing MO free Preview Account to access guided marketing templates and step-by-step plans that expand on the book content.



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