Module 7
Brand Naming

Brand Naming

Your brand name is the most visible and memorable part of your brand. After people experience your brand, they attach their feelings to your brand name each time they see or hear it.

Brand naming is something that every entrepreneur and marketer have participated in. But most have brainstormed in an unstructured manner, which sometimes causes you to miss out on the opportunities to explore better names to fit your brand.

Here you’ll learn about the different categories of names and how to apply them to your brand strategy, along with a step-by-step brainstorming process and the procedure for evaluating and protecting your final name selections. It all works together to help you choose a great brand name!

Toolkit Modules

Here you’ll focus on determining how to approach the brand naming brainstorming process and what to complete at each step of the process.

Brand Naming -
What You'll Determine

  • Level of Importance of Brand Name
  • Resources to Use in the Creative Process
  • Type of Brand Your Name Will Represent
  • The Four Name Categories to Consider
  • Competitor Name Map
  • Name Creativity Requirements
  • Naming Criteria and Importance Level
  • Names to Evaluate
  • Name Protection to Pursue

Tools in Brand Naming

  • 62-slide PDF instructions for download
  • Strategy development report template for download and completion
  • 37-minute audio/video instructions presented by Jim Sagar – accessible from your account for 1 year
  • Written transcript for download

Typical Participants for Brand Naming

This session requires an understanding of your entire brand strategy. It requires input from your lead brand stakeholder, creative team and members of the marketing team.

Time to Complete Brand Naming

This module will be completed over the course of days or weeks, not hours. You may wish to schedule this module in one or two sessions to set establish the creative criteria, and then continue after your team produces creative results for you to evaluate.