A modern approach to

Brand Science

Incorporate the emerging fields of data science and behavioral economics into a powerful brand architecture with our comprehensive, modern brand strategy toolkit. It’s brand science in today’s digital age.

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Make an Emotional Connection

Strong brands make a powerful emotional connection with their market. Leverage brand science by understanding your buyer psychology, measuring your brand’s impact using modern data tools, and creating messaging that inspires your market.

Who It's For

  • Marketing Directors/Managers
  • Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring Coordinators and Strategic Marketers

What’s Included

  • Audio/video screencast guidance by Jim Sagar, from within your account
  • Strategy report templates for download
  • Instructional PDF slides for download
  • Written instructions for download
  • Use the online or offline

What Others Are Saying

“While the concepts in the program were new to us, we completed the strategy and implementation is transforming our business — inspiring our team and our customers and setting the course for the next 10 years.”

- Barry Cox, President and CEO, F.S. Sperry

“We answered many tough questions about our brand and ourselves throughout the process. It was amazing to see how everything came together for the brand for our new company! We are very happy – it represents everything that we stand for.”

- Orma Smith – CEO, CanopyNation

“For our design work, it really helped our team to have such a clear, concise brand strategy document at the beginning of the project. We knew exactly what the creative should represent. It would be great to have every client start with such a comprehensive written brand strategy.”

- Lindsey Jones - Founder, Aero Interactive

“We apply many of the concepts from the brand strategy toolkit to the branding for our shows, focusing on improving their digital presence.”

- Boz Bundalo - Digital Strategy, Fox Television Stations / Futureman Digital