Module 5
Brand Audit

Brand Audit

  • If you’re creating a new brand, how do you ensure that you deliver a consistent experience across every market touchpoint?

If you’re managing an existing brand, you’re already creating a perception in the marketplace. How well does that represent your new brand strategy?

After you’ve defined your brand inspiration, brand differentiation, brand positioning and brand architecture – you have established measurement criteria to evaluate how well your existing messaging, campaigns and creative material represent your brand. Your brand audit, or new brand checklist, provides a guide for creating a unified brand experience in the future.


Toolkit Modules

Here you’re evaluating all of the current elements that shape your brand via internal evaluation, market polling, and a gap analysis.

Brand Audit -
What You'll Determine

  • Visual Brand Touchpoints
  • Operational Brand Touchpoints
  • Internal Brand Creative Assessment
  • External Brand Creative Assessment
  • Internal Brand Operational Assessment
  • External Brand Operational Assessment
  • Brand Audit Score
  • Gap Analysis
  • Brand Update Schedule

Tools in Brand Audit

  • 46-slide PDF instructions for download
  • Strategy development report template for download and completion
  • 21-minute audio/video instructions presented by Jim Sagar – accessible from your account for 1 year
  • Written transcript for download

Typical Participants for Brand Audit

The lead brand stakeholder, sales and marketing leaders and the creative team. Include any copywriters and designers in this module. This is where you start determining what your creative elements should represent.

Time to Complete Brand Audit

This session requires a review and analysis of creative work and obtaining market feedback; the time to complete it will vary depending on the size of your market and resources. The review and survey work should take anywhere from a fews days to a few weeks.