Module 4
Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

A brand is more than a logo or packaging; it’s an experience that is shaped by a combination of many things.

Your brand experience is shaped by your product or service, your creative, your logo, your messaging and how the people that represent your brand interact with your market and customers, including salespeople, customer service and support and the people performing services. Your brand is a perception, and that perception is reinforced every time you touch your market.

Effective brand strategies are clearly understood and adhered to by everyone involved with acquiring and maintaining customers. For many companies, that includes executives, the sales team, the marketing team, the customer service team and your hiring team.

Here you will determine the key elements of your brand to create a unified brand experience that can be repeated to inspire, differentiate and position you in the mind of your buyers.

Toolkit Modules

Here you’re defining the elements of your brand that shape your experience.

Brand Architecture -
What You'll Determine

  • Brand Hierarchy
  • Functional and Emotional Benefits that Cause Behavior Change
  • Three Things Your Brand Means to Your Buyer Personas
  • Brand Personality Traits
  • The Brand Experience to Deliver at Each Touchpoint
  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Elements for Your Brand Story
  • The Operational Brand Experience to Deliver at Each Touchpoint

Tools in Brand Architecture

  • 79-slide PDF instructions for download
  • Strategy development report template for download and completion
  • 30-minute audio/video instructions presented by Jim Sagar – accessible from your account for 1 year
  • Written transcript for download

Typical Participants for Brand Architecture

This module focuses on the structure of your brand. Include your brand stakeholders and your creative team. For small brands, the stakeholders could be the business owner or executive team. For larger companies, these can be brand managers or marketing leaders.

Time to Complete Brand Architecture

This is half-day session to address each element the first time through. You can’t always make creative decisions in a compressed timeframe, so you may need to revisit this work over the course of two to three weeks. You can choose to iterate on this module before moving to the next, or come back to it after completing Brand Audit.