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The days of designers shaping brand strategies are over. The digital world has added the emerging fields of data science and behavioral economics into the fundamentals of every brand strategy. Learn how to apply this new brand science using a creative eye, a persuasive approach and data-driven validation.

Our expert brand strategy toolkit includes:

  • Almost 500 instructional slides
  • Strategy report templates for each element
  • Video guidance by Jim Sagar
  • Written instructions for download

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Toolkit Modules

Strong brands make a powerful emotional connection with their market. Learn how by understanding your buyer psychology, measuring your brand’s impact using modern data tools and creating messaging that inspires your market.


Brand Inspiration

Make an emotional connection with your buyers. Learn elements of the emerging field of behavioral economics, how beliefs influence buying behavior, and align what you stand for with what your buyers care about.

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Brand Differentiation

Without differentiation, you’re selling a commodity and have to compete on price – or your brand will stagnate or die. Learn the nuances of differentiation to understand how to uncover the strengths of your brand and how to turn them into competitive advantages in the mind of your buyer.

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Brand Positioning

Positioning, or owning a space in the mind of your buyer, is more important today than it was decades ago. Learn the concepts of positioning and how the mind deals with brands, along with different positioning approaches for specific stages of your market’s lifecycle to decide what you want your brand to be known for.

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Brand Architecture

Effective brand strategies are clearly understood and adhered to by everyone involved with acquiring and maintaining customers. Determine the key elements of your brand to create a unified brand experience that can be repeated to inspire, differentiate and position you in the mind of your buyers.

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Brand Audit

If you know what your brand should stand for, how well do your existing messaging, campaigns and creative represent it? What does your market think your brand stands for? Determine all of your brand touch points, collect market feedback, determine your brand’s gap analysis and create your brand update schedule.

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Brand Strategy Implementation

A great strategy is useless without a plan for execution. Establish your vision, big idea and tactics and create your 12-month sequence of actions to implement your brand strategy in your daily marketing activities. This is separate from a traditional marketing plan.

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Brand Naming

Selecting a great brand name can be a challenging exercise. Your brand name plays a critical role in your brand strategy; it’s what triggers the thoughts and emotions of your buyer. Learn about the different categories of names, the pros and cons of each, how to brainstorm for your brand name, and how to perform a conflict check before settling on your final name.

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Brand Strategy Toolkit Options

The toolkit consists of seven modules. Each builds on the previous module, starting with Brand Inspiration. Get access to all of them at once or purchase as you go if your budget is limited.


Entire Toolkit

What's included

  • Access to all 7 modules of the toolkit
  • Almost 500 instructional PDF slides for download
  • Strategy development report template (MS Word) in each module for download
  • Over 5 hours of audio/video instructions – accessible from your account for 1 year
  • Written transcript of instructions for download (PDF)
  • Use online or offline

Individual Modules

What's included

  • Access to the module(s) you select
  • Instructional PDF slides for download
  • Strategy development report template (MS Word) for download
  • Audio/video instructions – accessible from your account for 1 year
  • Written transcript for download (PDF)
  • You can add modules as you go

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What Others Are Saying

“We answered many tough questions about our brand and ourselves throughout the process. It was amazing to see how everything came together for the brand for our new company! We are very happy – it represents everything that we stand for.”

- Orma Smith – CEO, CanopyNation

“Marketing MO’s toolkit delivers sophisticated marketing guidance that we can leverage with Fortune 500-level clients. It’s an invaluable resource for any company.”

- Michael Schlamp - Principal, Aquest Consulting

“Our business has been completely transformed by this process. Our business wasn’t growing when we started using the toolkit in 2016, and with Jim’s guidance, we’ve created a much stronger brand and have almost doubled in size.”

- Kent Thompson – Founder, TrainingBoom

“We apply many of the concepts from the toolkit to the branding for our shows, focusing on improving their digital presence.”

- Boz Bundalo - Digital Strategy, Fox Television Stations / Futureman Digital

“For our design work, it really helped our team to have such a clear, concise brand strategy document at the beginning of the project. We knew exactly what the creative should represent. It would be great to have every client start with such a comprehensive written brand strategy.”

- Lindsey Jones - Founder, Aero Interactive


Who is the toolkit designed for?

The toolkit is designed for anyone tasked with creating a brand strategy. Every brand should have one. The process is the same, regardless of your experience level, whether you’re an early-career marketing coordinator or a seasoned marketing veteran. However, there are always challenging elements while building any brand strategy, so expect some difficult questions and tasks. You will be asked questions about what your brand stands for, your market, your buyers, your competition, your offering, and the psychology of your buyers, so you’ll need access to this information as you complete your brand strategy. You can always estimate (or even guess) to start and refine each element later.

Will it work for any type of brand?

At the high level, yes – you can design a comprehensive brand strategy for any type of brand, in any market, anywhere in the world. However, certain fundamental elements of your brand strategy may be more relevant to your brand than others, depending on whether you’re B2B, or B2C, your market and your distribution channels. The Brand Strategy Toolkit addresses all of the fundamentals and provides guidance for you to create your implementation plan. However, the ultimate success of your product or service in the marketplace is dependent upon your own input and your execution over time.

How long does it take to complete all of the modules?

The total runtime of the screencast instructions is just under five hours. However, you will need additional time to address and complete each element of your strategy. Developing a comprehensive brand strategy is one of the most challenging tasks in the marketing field. It’s also one of the most valuable and most rewarding. If you were to complete each module straight through, doing a thorough job, you should budget three to five work days. A skilled brand strategist might only need one to two days to develop the strategy. However, most marketers/teams should spread out the work over the course of two to eight weeks. You will need some time to work through certain elements and generate creative ideas.

What is the end deliverable from using the toolkit?

You are building your brand strategy, which is the final deliverable. You will complete that by filling out your strategy report for each module – answering questions, making decisions, recording ideas, estimating numbers, writing copy and determining your implementation needs. The toolkit delivers the process, instructions, examples, your report template and Excel calculators.

How do I know if the toolkit will work for me or my brand?

From a previous FAQ, the toolkit provides the framework and guidance to design a comprehensive brand strategy for any type of brand, in any market, anywhere in the world. However, depending on your brand type, market, resources available and competition, you may find that you only need certain elements of the brand strategy to make a meaningful impact. For example, if you’re a small casual restaurant that relies on the walkup lunch crowd, and you only have one location, you probably only need to focus on your name, brand messaging and the elements of your brand experience. In that example, you might only use 15% of the elements in the toolkit. However, if you’re in a large market, or sell multiple products, or provide professional services, or sell direct to your customer, you will most likely use most of the elements in the toolkit.

Should I buy access to individual modules or the entire toolkit?

The toolkit modules 1-6 are designed to work together. If you need a brand name, then you’ll need module 7 as well, and we recommend to complete the modules in sequence, starting with module 1 and selecting your brand name last. That ensures that you have a strong understanding of what your name should represent. We provide access to individual modules for people who don’t have the budget to purchase full access and wish to complete each over time, or for those who only need a specific module or wish to try out a module before accessing the entire toolkit.

I’m a student or early-career marketer. Can I use the toolkit to learn?

Absolutely. The toolkit will give you the framework and guidance for designing a brand strategy. However, it’s most useful to apply to a brand you’re building – whether a real or a hypothetical brand. This isn’t academic theory, it’s real-world strategic marketing guidance, so you will gain a greater benefit by applying it rather than just reading about it.