Module 6
Brand Strategy Implementation

Brand Strategy Implementation

A strategy is something you can touch; you can motivate people with it and energize people around the message.

And a great strategy is useless without a plan for execution.

Here you will create your brand strategy implementation plan by establishing your brand’s vision and big idea and determining how to deliver your brand to the marketplace, along with establishing your 12-month sequence of actions to implement your strategy in your daily marketing activities.

You’ll also be introduced to some concepts from the emerging fields of behavioral economics and data science to measure your brand’s impact in the marketplace. It’s brand science.

Toolkit Modules

Here you’ll focus on translating your brand strategy into creative campaigns and determine the changes you need to make to implement them.

Brand Strategy Implementation -
What You'll Determine

  • SWOT
  • Brand Vision
  • Your Big Idea
  • Where to Use Each Element of Your Brand Strategy
  • Action Items for Each Brand Strategy Element
  • Tactics to Leverage Behavioral Economics
  • Data Science Actions for CAC and CLV
  • Data Science Actions for Brand Measurement
  • Data Science Actions for Customer Acquisition and Retention Stages

Tools in Brand Strategy Implementation

  • 89-slide PDF instructions for download
  • Strategy development report template for download and completion
  • 53-minute audio/video instructions presented by Jim Sagar – accessible from your account for 1 year
  • Written transcript for download

Typical Participants for Brand Strategy Implementation

This module requires input from your lead brand stakeholder, creative team and members of the marketing team. You may also want to include members of your technical and/or financial team during the data science portion of this module.

Time to Complete Brand Strategy Implementation

This session requires an understanding of your entire brand strategy, along with the ability to set a brand vision. You may wish to schedule this module in one or two sessions to set the vision and big idea, and then handle the tactical work over a longer period of time.