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Our New Strategic Marketing Course Is Now Live!

We’re excited to announce that our new online course – Strategic Marketing for the SME – is now live!

This course enables company stakeholders to design sophisticated marketing strategies using the same techniques as the big agencies and Fortune 500.

The course guides viewers through the essential elements of any long-term strategic marketing plan. Creating an effective long-term strategy isn’t a simple task, so we’ve organized the process into 6 modules, delivered over 4 hours of screencasts covering 550 slides to guide you through your build of a 55-page report and your summary on your Strategic Marketing Roadmap.

Course Value

Marketing and sales have changed over the last few years. People no longer trust company-sponsored advertisements. Digital media presents a dizzying array of choices for reaching customers who are becoming harder to influence.

The solution isn’t a new marketing tactic or social media channel or to “sell harder.” The solution is to understand how to communicate strategically with your market, to connect with people emotionally and to influence their behavior.

It’s about marketing strategically instead of selling tactically.

Do you need to revisit your strategy? If you’re falling behind, you’re probably experiencing:

  • Flat sales, or slow growth that requires substantial effort
  • A small percentage of sales from new inbound leads
  • Sales cycles that are led by the sales team, who have to force buyers through to the next step
  • Prospects focusing on your price, treating you like a commodity
  • Few people talking about your brand, either online or offline

Course Details

The self-guided course addresses each element of a sophisticated marketing strategy using visuals, examples and supporting documentation. The in-depth course allows you to use our tools, screencasts and presentations to design your marketing strategy, with your team, at your own pace.

You can access all of the screencasts, downloads and tools from your Strategic Marketing for the SME Account. Here’s a view of your homepage and each module.

Strategic Marketing Course - Modules

Strategic Marketing Course - Module 1 - Inspire - Details

Strategic Marketing Course - Module 2 - Differentiate - Details

Strategic Marketing Course - Module 3 - Position - Details

Strategic Marketing Course - Module 4 - Define - Details

Strategic Marketing Course - Module 5 - Audit - Details

Strategic Marketing Course - Module 6 - Implement - Details


Your Deliverables

The course will guide you through each element of your plan that you will develop. You can then summarize the key points in your Roadmap to align your team’s actions to your strategy.


strategic marketing roadmap


Course Introduction

Our new book introduces the elements of the Roadmap and provides a high-level overview of the course content. Download your copy below.



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Getting Started

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