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How to Talk About Your Product With Passion

Talk About Your Product With Passion

I was listening to Tony Robbins last night – is he not the most infectious speaker on Earth?  And it’s so easy to apply his techniques to marketing strategies and tactics.

For example, how passionate are you when you talk about your company, products, experience, etc.?  Are you as enthusiastic and confident as you should be, or do your conversations get a little humdrum?

What about your employees, colleagues, partners and campaigns?  Do they speak with fire and conviction or are they saying the same old thing day in and out?

In a Personal Power II exercise, Tony challenges you to pretend you’re depressed.  Do it now, sitting at your desk.  Be depressed.  Bored.  Uninspired.  Lethargic.  Yikes.

What happens to people’s bodies when they’re bored, listless, depressed?  They hunch over, head down, shoulders rounded…

Kind of like most of us when we’re sitting at our desks.

Right?  After all, it’s tough to sit up straight and tall when you’re working – most of us are in less-than-perfect ergonomic positions reading small type on a screen.  And when your body is a little schlumped over, it affects the way you speak.  And that affects the way you present your ideas and build rapport.

That’s why I decided to blog about Tony’s exercise on how to change your state.  Whether you and your team are writing a campaign, selling over the phone, speaking to an audience or talking with a prospect or customer, you need to smile, convey confidence and enthusiasm in your body language and voice.  It’s that enthusiasm and passion that keeps people engaged, interested and confident in your solution.

6 Steps to Talk About Your Product With Passion

The best way to revive?  Recess!  But if that’s not an option, here are some suggestions for revving up when you’re writing or talking about your products:

  1. Sit up straight.  Better yet, stand.  Best:  Walk or run around your office!
  2. Smile!
  3. Look up, not down at your notes or your computer screen.
  4. Use a headset so you can talk with your hands.  Wave your arms, gesture wildly, point, snap … whatever you do naturally when you’re enthusiastic and confident.
  5. Keep a few toys around.  Personal faves: mini slinky, rubberband ball.  Low-tech but fun.
  6. Enjoy the dialog.  When you have fun and love what you do, your enthusiasm is infectious … just like Tony.

Since I brought up the topic of ergonomics, here are a few more tips for improving your workspace plus a book by Dave Hemsath on 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work.

Have a great day!



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