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A Strategic Marketing Guide

Marketing and sales have changed over the last few years. People no longer trust company-sponsored advertisements. Digital media presents a dizzying array of choices for reaching customers who are becoming harder to influence.

The solution for the small to midsize company isn’t a new marketing tactic or social media channel or to “sell harder.” The solution is to understand how to communicate strategically with your market, to connect with people emotionally and to influence their behavior.

It’s about marketing strategically instead of selling tactically.

Do you need to revisit your marketing strategy? If you’re falling behind, you’re probably experiencing:

  • Flat sales or slow growth that requires substantial effort
  • A small percentage of sales from new inbound leads
  • Sales cycles that are led by the sales team who have to push buyers through each step
  • Prospects focusing on your price, treating you like a commodity
  • Few people talking about your brand, either online or offline

Download the Strategic Marketing Guide

Strategic Marketing Guide

This strategic marketing guide will show you how to:

  • Complete your strategic marketing roadmap
  • Revamp your messaging to influence behavior
  • Discover your competitive advantages
  • Improve your brand story
  • Create a compelling brand vision





And if you enjoy the book…

We have a detailed online course to guide you through each step of designing and implementing your strategy.

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