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The People Control Your Brand

Early in my career, the marketing and advertising functions were pretty straightforward. Big companies hired ad agencies to create their big ideas and push them out via print, radio and TV.

Most small to mid-size companies didn’t focus on the big idea, since the agencies that created them were out of their budget range. Instead, they focused on tactical ads and demand generation campaigns to drum up incremental leads to drive sales.

The New Paradigm

This had been the way things were done for decades. But in the past few years, things have changed. Three major forces have collided to completely change the way brands interact with their markets:

  1. People have changed the way that they purchase products and services. The majority now research online before buying.
  2. People are no longer trusting company-sponsored advertisements. Instead, they’re seeking validation from their friends and the online community.
  3. The Internet has become ubiquitous. People now connect with brands 24/7.

2013 marks the year where we passed the tipping point. Today is the age of the customer. The people control your brand.

The Impact on B2B Marketing 

Most B2C marketers have learned this lesson over the past few years. Many B2B marketers have yet to learn it.

Scott Salkin, our friend and founder and CEO of IDS Technology Marketing, just released this wonderful 64-slide deck that walks you through the changes and what you should focus on in B2B marketing.

Download it and share it with your team, and connect with Scott if you’re a tech company looking for innovative ways to communicate with your market.



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