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How to Engage B2B Buyers

engage b2b buyersIf you don’t already subscribe to Dave J’s B2Blog, I definitely recommend adding it to your reading list.  Dave is a marketing manager at a major manufacturing firm in Grand Rapids, MI and offers tons of great insights on B2B marketing.

This week he writes about a recent ThomasNet study that reinforces how critical a website is for industrial sellers and buyers.

Their findings:  “71% of buyers said they first look online when searching for a new supplier, your website can make the difference between getting an RFQ or getting passed over.”

They go on to say that “once a buyer finds you online, he or she’ll quickly make a judgment on your suitability as a supplier for his or her company based on what can be found on your website.”

How to Engage B2B Buyers

I often write about the role your site plays in the B2B sales process.  It’s critical to engage B2B buyers. First it should be easy to find, so your marketing plan should include search engine marketing (both organic & paid).  Then your site needs to communicate your brand promise, build value, capture leads and help them convert to customers.

Treat your site not as a brochure, but as an integral part of your sales process.  Your site can literally feed prospects the information they need at each step in their buying process.  If done well, you can close deals more efficiently and create happier customers.

The ThomasNet study includes a detailed list of content that industrial buyers want to see on potential suppliers’ websites – you can check it out here.  If you’re not sure whether a site rework is in order, the data in this study may make your decision very easy.

And if you want to learn more about B2B websites, internet marketing and sales process in general, this PDF offers an excellent overview.



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