Repeating the Marketing Process

repeating the marketing processIf you’ve read through all of this material (which you can download in our ebook to read offline), you’ve probably identified some opportunities to improve your marketing strategies and execution.

As you’ve seen, your success in any one area can be dramatically impacted by the strategic & tactical subjects that come earlier in the process. And today is the day to start implementing these ideas in your business.

  1. Make sure you have clear strategies driving you forward. When you have a clear competitive positioning strategy, brand, distribution strategy, sales process, pricing, etc., you’ll be more successful in generating and managing customers.
  2. Make sure your tools and processes support your strategies. Look at everything in your arsenal: website, literature, messages, presentations, phone scripts, proposals, etc. They should communicate your strategies loudly and consistently, helping you gain more traction with your market in less time.
  3. Tie your campaigns and programs back to your strategies and goals. When you’ve defined exactly what a campaign, a strategic partnership, a sales meeting or customer retention program needs to achieve and what you expect, you’re in a far better position to reach your goals. Good planning, execution and measurement can help you move from a reactive into proactive mode.

By using a defined marketing process, you can build expertise and drive your company’s revenue and profit. It may take time, but even small changes in key areas can flow through the entire process and produce dramatic results.

If you’d like more guidance for creating your strategies and managing your marketing process throughout the year, create a free preview account in our marketing strategy and planning app and use our hundreds of guided, interactive marketing tools.

Strategic Marketing Process Map

Again, good luck and enjoy the process!



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