Strategic Marketing Is About Connecting with Your Audience to Influence Your Buyer’s Behavior

Our online course provides the step-by-step guidance for you to design a sophisticated strategic marketing plan.

Practical, Real World Strategic Marketing Guidance

This interactive online course with instructional videos from our CEO Jim Sagar allows you to use our tools, screencasts and presentations to design your marketing strategy, with your team, at your own pace. The course is designed for company stakeholders, including founders, CEOs, key executives and marketing and sales leaders. Consultants and directors of marketing for large companies can also use the course.

Course Modules

What Others are Saying

“Implementing our strategy was tricky because it required new processes, people and responsibilities. We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without Jim’s guidance and recommendations.”

- Jim Ross, CEO at Sharpe Group

“While the concepts in the program were new to us, we completed the strategy and implementation is transforming our business — inspiring our team and our customers and setting the course for the next 10 years.”

- Barry Cox, President and CEO at F.S. Sperry

“Strategic Marketing for the SME delivers sophisticated marketing guidance that we can leverage with Fortune 500-level clients. It’s an invaluable resource for any small to midsize company.”

- Michael Schlamp, Founder at Aquest Consulting, Inc.

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