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Our Beliefs

We believe that any organization of any size can instill the same knowledge, beliefs, values, attitudes and behavior of high-performing marketing and sales teams. You just need the right tools, guidance and attitude. That’s why we’re committed to sharing our expertise and providing high-quality marketing toolkits.

Our Approach

Marketing is a critical function of every business. In today’s digital age, the marketing function is more complex than ever. Data science, behavioral economics, digital channels and the rapidly-changing expectations of our society affect businesses of every size. We’re focused on educating and implementing what’s proven to work.

Our Brand Strategy Toolkit was designed by our CEO, Jim Sagar

Jim Sagar is a business strategist and entrepreneur with expertise in designing and implementing modern marketing strategies for today’s digital marketplace. He currently serves as the CEO and co-founder of Qlutch Marketing, Inc. and also serves as founder and CEO of Rehinged, a studio company of H//NGE Capital (formerly Venture51), with the Carenet AI SaaS for healthcare marketing and sales teams. Jim’s approach is driven by his unique experience as an entrepreneur, marketer, technologist, analyst and operations executive.

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